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Confined VR

ConfinedVR is a Virtual Reality escape room simulation that traps the player in a room with a dead body and a deadly puzzle. In order to escape, the player must figure out the secret to the puzzle in a timely fashion in order to avoid a most grisly demise.

GENRE: Horror / Simulation

Steam Page


PROXY  is a science fiction action adventure game set on the distant space colony of New Los Angeles in the year 3875. The story revolves around a private investigator named Trent  who must help a young cyborg named Alicia flee from the evil RASTEK Corporation that wants to turn her into an assembly line killing machine.

PROXY - Steam Page

Reilly's Life

Created by Sinead Clancy, Reilly's Life is an animated series designed to provide children on the autism spectrum and the world, a place to explore the richness of autistic life. Thanks to the support of the Kickstarter community, Reill'ys LIfe reached it's $15,000 goal and is currently in production.
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