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Last Call Games is a multi-platform development team and consulting firm for video games and virtual reality experiences. We believe in the future of real-time technologies as a fast and growing market that will change the way we experience media forever. 


We started as a company in 2015 by helping a small animation team led by Sinead Clancy get successfully funded for a children's animated program titled Reilly's Life. It was the first animated television show on Kickstarter specifically designed for children on the spectrum of Autism.

Later that year, we were asked to consult on a number of developing projects at Create Advertising for the upcoming PlayStation VR platform. That project would eventually become The Walk VR, which won several awards, including Best Theatrical Experience and best Overall VR Experience.

In 2016, our team was awarded Best HTC Vive Experience at the 2016 Monster VR & Titmouse Studios Hackathon for our work on Confined VR.


Shortly after that, we began full scale virtual reality development, while also assessing the growing VR and AR markets. It was in 2017 that we were asked to consult on a groundbreaking new technology co-developed by Theranova LLC to be used in therapy sessions for the elderly. This is an ongoing project, and more news will follow as it develops.

In 2018, we entered into a partnership with VR Ventures LLC for an exclusive contract to develop VR titles for their private event service named Portal Zone VR. With Portal Zone, we developed several games that were privately screened at several concerts and public events throughout the Southwest USA and parts of Baja California. Some of our affiliate partners include Grassfed LA, Playboy Enterprises International, and Gamacon.

In 2019, we were asked to consult on a brand new wellness and therapy app developed by Joyscore. Designed around the teachings of Dr. Bhupendra 'Bob' Singhal, the Joyscore app was designed to bring balance and harmony to our everyday lives with guided spiritual exercises, lectures, and meditations.

At the close of 2020, we released two video game titles to the Steam Marketplace. We decided to remaster and release our 2016 award-winning title ConfinedVR and make it public for the world to play. In addition, our team gathered our best and brightest developers to release a free demo of our next up and coming project PROXY.
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